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Friday, July 24, 2009

A Day To Remember

As the mid afternoon sun started to set, Leah held tightly to her father's arm as he walked his baby girl down the aisle. No longer a baby, but a beautiful bride. Excited and enamored by her beauty, Jordan's eyes layed fixated on his soon-to-be bride. Tears started to flow and even hidden behind the camera, I have to admit, I too was choked up. That's when you know it is really meant to be. Their love story dates back 15 years ago when the two met in an online chat room. They started dating and the rest is history. It's one thing to attend a wedding, but when you get the awesome chance to actually photograph the beginning of a life long journey, you see it through different eyes. I see the small things that most people miss, like the first time her father saw her in her dress, or when he slipped a penny in her shoe for good luck, or how about the deep breath of the Groom as he see's his bride round the corner of the aisle. These are the things in life that make my job the best. I just wanted to say thank you for letting me take part and I hope you love your sneak peak as much as I do!


leah 25/7/09 01:37  

you are amazing! i am so glad you got to be a part of our big day and counldnt be more honored by you and your work. you are truely amazing!

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