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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

He's Our Favorite Dominic!!

My son Dominic has just recently turned one! I am so proud and honored to be his mommy. Every morning when I wake he greets me at the edge of his crib with a smile. I never realized how having a son would enrich my life. I loved having a girl and was kinda disappointed with the clothes selection for boys, but now I love everything boys bring to your life. The title to this post is very important because this is a song that I have sung to him since he was born. Its kinda corny but he loves it. It goes something like this "Dominic Dominic he's our favorite Dominic," and then it just keeps repeating after that until you have had enough. When you become a mom you understand these types of goofy songs and they grow on you. I always give a shout out to my kids on their birthday's so here is to you Dominic. Thank you for making me a better mommy, for loving me and for always bringing a smile to my face. No matter how hard life may get I will always be there for you, kiss you, hug you and wipe your tears when your hurt. And no matter how cool you get when your a teen I will still squeeze your squishy booty. That is my promise to you! I love you son! Happy 1st Birthday!!!


Dana Spencer 6/8/09 09:56  

He is beautiful... you guys make beautiful babies!

Jules 12/8/09 10:15  

oh kelly! he is so darn cute :) he's looking like such a little boy - they grow so fast.

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