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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Laughter and Love..... | Orange County Childrens Phootgrapher

I took my daughter out the other day to help a fellow photog get familiar with her camera. It was just a quick shoot and mostly for fun but I loved these shots and couldn't help but share. I know I am the Mommy but I cant get enough if this little girl. She is growing so fast, and although she is only four she thinks she is 24! She makes me laugh and holds the key to her fathers heart. They always say there is no greater love than a Daddy and his daughter and I agree 100%. There is no doubt she loves me but when she sees her Daddy her face lights up, she gets giddy and wraps her arms around him as if he is the only man she will ever need. I hope it stays that way!! So today I post this for her Daddy, I hope you know you have someone who thinks your her hero!


Jules 19/11/09 10:42  

wow! she's got that "model face" down to perfection! look out heidi klum! how are you girl? miss ya :)

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