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Monday, May 17, 2010

And the winner is.............

I am very excited to announce the winner for my Amazing Mothers Contest! It was such a pleasure reading all the entries and getting to know some fabulous Mommies. There are so many amazing mothers out there but there can only be one winner! When I read this story, I was truly inspired by all the amazing things this particular mommy does for the love of her family. I am inspired by her 15 year long commitment to her husband, with divorce rates up so high today this is something to be proud of. I am inspired by her hard work and dedication to her children. I mean who on earth mills their own bread? Its these small things that we have lost somewhere along the way. Today we recognize you Lisa for the amazing Mom that you are. For taking the time to put your children's health and well being before yourself, for dedicating yourself to fighting for a foundation that your kids will be proud to have. I know as a mother it can be tough juggling the all the many roles mothers have. But somewhere along the way you have found away to manage those many roles, inspire others and what blessing to have someone who looks up to you enough to nominate you for the most "Amazing Mother"! Keep up the good work. In honor of you, you have won a free family portrait session and 1 free 16x20 print. Please email me for more details at kcicerophoto@yahoo.com. And know here is the story that made it all happen! Please take the time to read about this truly Amazing Mother!

I could not think of amazing mothers without thinking of my sister, Lisa. She became a mom for the first time over 11 years ago to Garrett. Over the next several years, she gave birth to Hannah, age 9, Rachel, age 8, Sarah, age 6 and Carter, age 2. As a mother of 5, Lisa devoted her life to her kids. She quit her job in Corporate America when Garrett was only 1 year old. She now has the most important job of raising her children. She, and her husband of 15 years, decided to move their brood to Colorado 3 years ago where the air is crisp and clean, and a large 3,500 square foot home could accommodate their financial goals.

She is the most organic person I know. She obtains the family's vegetables from locally grown farms. Heaps of organically grown potatoes, onions, and squash are placed in a burlap sac and delivered to the family's front door. Milk from the local dairy farm is left on the doorstep in old fashioned containers. She mills her own wheat to make the best tasting and healthiest 100% whole wheat bread to give to her children to eat. All the kids like white bread, but little do they know how healthful the whole wheat bread is to their little bodies now and will be in the future.

She teaches the Bradley Method of giving birth- using breathing techniques and guided imagery to have a safe and healthy drug-free delivery. She is a yoga instructor, and the kids know how to do yoga as well. She has taught them sign language, a skill thought to encourage communication in young children. She home schools the oldest 4, but Carter, the youngest, can tell you his numbers and letters. She is an inspiration to all mothers and an inspiration to me.


Anonymous 20/5/10 11:41  

What your sister said about you as a mother couldn't have been more true or better put. I think the same about you and have always looked to you as the model mother. I feel so blessed to have shared the precious moments I did with you and your family when you lived out here in California. I've never told you, but I learned so much from your example, your marriage, and your kids that I strive to imitate to this day. Congrats on being honored in this way. You deserve it and so much more!


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